Just Start Walking!

With Spinal Health Week (19-25 May) fast approaching, we thought we would share a bit more from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s website. We have a few exciting things planned in at Chiropractic Central – stay up to date with us on Facebook for info on our activities in Lane Cove!

In our previous blog post, we shared the Sit Right Widget that reminds you to get up and out of your seat if you’re sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time.

This week we’re sharing the Just Start Walking App.

Walking is a terrific form of exercise. It strengthens your body and helps position your spine in the natural shape it was designed for – being upright. Modern lifestyles – such as office work and extended use of computers or mobile devices – can force us to be less active or adopt sedentary positions leading to poor posture, issues with balance and coordination, and even pain. Download the Just Start Walking app and get your body moving >

The app, suitable for iPhone and Android devices, has some fantastic features to make it easy to adopt regular walking as part of your lifestyle:

  • Measuring Walks – Track the distance, time and steps taken each time you walk
  • Mapping your walk – Tracks your walking route, and lets you repeat the same walk to encourage ongoing improvements
  • Share your walks – Let friends know about your progress by sharing your walks on Facebook and Twitter.
  • History of Walks – Monitor your progress via your walking history
  • Find a Walking route – Select a start and end point for your walk, and let the Just Start Walking Australia mobile app find the best walking route for you and estimate its distance
  • Find a local walking event – Need company? Search and join the walking events in your local area
  • Walking tips – Find out more about the correct way to walk, how walking can improve your posture, and why it’s so important to maintain good posture for your overall health

Dr Sarah MacNeil

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