Release your Inner Calm

Are you feeling the pressures of everyday life in the fast lane? There are plenty of ways to help yourself find the calm among the storm.

Lets look to one of the easiest things to use… YOUR BREATH!!
Controlled breathing is a great technique that can be used to help lower blood pressure, promote feelings of calmness and relaxation, helps anxiety and to de-stress.

Here are some different breathing techniques:

1. Equal Breathing
To start, Inhale for a count of four, then exhale for a count of four – all through your nose.
This is a great technique if your trying to get to sleep.




2. Abdominal Breathing
Hold one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Take a deep breath through the nose ensuring the diaphragm inflates. Count six to10 deep slow breathes per minute for 10 minutes.

3. Progressive Relaxation

To get rid of tension head to toe, close the eyes and focus on tensing and relaxing each muscle group for two or three seconds each. All while maintaining deep, slow breaths.

4. Guided Meditation and Visualisation

Go straight to your happy place using a guided recording from either a coach, teacher or podcast to enter total relaxation through visualisation.


5. Skull Shining Breathe

Begin with a long, slow inhale followed by a quick powerful exhale generated from the lower belly. Do 10 of these every one to two seconds.

Trying these techniques can help get you to a nice and relaxing place amongst all the rush in normal life. To practice and use this at least once a day for a few minutes can help greatly in your everyday stressors.

Do you want to Boost your Immune System?


Today we came across this fantastic article from Pathways Magazine, just felt we needed to share this with all of our families and friends.
Knowledge is a great thing and e definitely are passionate about using as many natural forms of self healing as possible.
So have a read below at this great article written by Jeanne Ohm, DC, Editor of Pathways Magazine, Issue #10


I just spent the last several days in bed, with a flu and raging fever. The first day I sulked. Who needs this? The second day I fasted on fruit and water. Temperatures were elevating and there were moments of delirium. I anxiously awaited the pinnacle of letting a fever run its course—the break into a full body sweat. I am a firIMG_9884-1024x789m believer in allowing symptoms to run their course and avoiding suppression with drugs, because that suppression only drives the illness deeper. The flu is a viral overload. The body raises the temperature to the specific degree it needs to be at to address that overload. A healthy system is able to handle these temperature elevations and they are a sign of normal body function. The more toxicity in the body, however, the more difficult the whole process becomes.

By the third day, I was still in the dry heat/chills stage. I was becoming a bit concerned. Where was the sweat? Where was the breaking point? I couldn’t last too much longer with these elevating temperatures. What is the boiling point of human body fluids?

I began to consume ginger root tea by the jarful. Somehow the burning sensation of the ginger was mild compared to the heat of my body. It was soothing to the chills. The flavor, the warmth, the liquid—it was the first drink that my body kept craving. Several, spicy jars later, I intimately experienced visceral effects of ginger. It aided in heat production! My skin temperature reached a level comparable to a hot griddle. And then finally, the glorious sweat came—oceans of it poured out of me. Now I craved water. I was envious of fish. Truly they lived the glorious life. Then I knew to restore my electrolyte balance and I selected miso soup.

Here is my purpose in sharing this. All in all I had four days of what could be considered “an awful illness”. In reality, I was given an opportunity to do a complete cleansing fast, experience what was very comparable to a sweat lodge, to be alone, reflect on old patterns that needed to change – wow—very similar to some of the healing retreats out there all in the comforts of my own home!

The reason why I was hit so hard by this was because my body was in need of a housecleaning. Do you remember Dr. Phil Incao’s article, “Not a Battle but a Housecleaning” (Pathways Issue 6)? In his article he discusses the importance of these “house cleanings” and when we neglect to initiate them on our own, our bodies will do us the service. I had innately known this, and was planning a time of pulling myself “away from it all” and do a major meditative, restorative detox. As life would have it, I kept saying “next week”, “soon”, “after this project”. The wonderful wisdom of my body had a clearer insight into my needs and seized this time as perfect. How fulfilling to allow my body to complete this process without suppressing and hindering it.

This is most important point I want to leave you with: the huge value of allowing an “illness” to run its course without suppressing its symptoms. Reread Dr. Incao’s article. His perspective may be life saving in your ability to turn “illness” into “a healing retreat”. Also, in this issue of Pathways, pay close attention to Dr. Moskowitz’s article. He explains vaccines do not enhance immunity, but through suppression actually hinder normal immune system function. When “choosing to vaccinate or not” our concerns about the thimerosal, the age of the child, the amount of dosages per shot, or selectively choosing shots are minor compared to the effects of irreversibly altering this wonderful mechanism we call the immune system.

Many Blessings,
Jeanne Ohm, DC

– See more at:

Stress and Meditation Workshop Lane Cove

Stress Workshop - Chiropractic Central

Chiropractic Central’s upcoming Stress and Meditation Workshop Tuesday, 5th of May will provide you with the resources you need to reduce stress and increase healthy responses to stress. Chiropractic Central’s own Dr Sarah MacNeil will be joining a panel of guest speakers who will share their insights into reducing and avoiding stress.

To book your place, please call Tara on 9418 9031 or email

Are your muscles holding you still?

Stress has an accumulative effect of building up layer upon layer and is a large contributing factor for multiple different diseases.

Chiropractic Central's Remedial Massage Therapist Shona.

Chiropractic Central’s Remedial Massage Therapist Shona.

Notice what happens in your body when you think about something stressful.Which areas tighten up in response? Are you holding your breath or bracing anywhere? The resting length of your muscles is your energy and action potential. Are your muscles ready for use? Or sore and fatigued from being tight and stuck?

Our muscles are designed to move us, but yours may be holding you still.

Stress has an accumulative effect of building up layer upon layer and is a large contributing factor for multiple different diseases; releasing tension changes that cycle allowing your body to repair. When one area tightens, it tugs on the connecting parts that have to pull back. A whole body ‘tug of war’ reaches a certain point when there is no more slack left and we experience a pain or discomfort in that part and overall stiffness. The body is so adaptable that sometimes we may not even realise how much tension is currently required to support us. Massage releases these excessive activation / compensation patterns so your muscles can return to their resting length when they are not required to engage. This creates more space between the fibres for your circulation to reach and nourish all your cells so they can do what they do best and you can be feeling at your best.

Watch this space for upcoming events with our Remedial Massage Therapist Shona. She will be leading sessions so that you can fully understand what happens in your body during a remedial massage treatment.


Dr Sarah MacNeil

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